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Let yourself be quietly attracted by the peculiar power of what you really love. it will not lead you astray.

— Rumi

when i began to love myself, i understood that i am always in the right time, on every occasion.

— Charlie Chaplin

Do you love what you live? do you live what you love?


It's not about change but about finding our way back to ourselves, not about something new, but about letting go of old things that block.

Visions are not in the future and outside of us. They are already within us. We "just" have to discover them. During the dis-covery , a lot of (blocked) energy is released, which carries us in certain directions. We do not have to control this. The vision and the released energy will steer us.

I will be happy to help you discover your wonder-full inner self, where you will find everything you have always been looking for (outside of yourself): joy of life, love, inner peace, and the answers to your questions.