Languages : Albanian, German, English & Gibberish:)

barefoot at heart

my way


I was brought to Switzerland from Macedonia by my father together with my siblings and my mother when I was 11 years old and went through all the schools in Baden-AG and the surrounding area. After studying philosophy, psychology and education at the University of Basel, I trained as a high school teacher in these subjects and taught for 10 years at various high schools. In parallel, I acquired the MAS in career, study and career counseling and worked for 8 years in the career information center (biz).

In the last few years I completed several further trainings in holistic coaching and most recently a training as a laughter yoga leader/laughter trainer. The most important thing I took away from these trainings: "Do it your way!"

Something that became clear to me in my work as a consultant was that it was never just about professional career or the superficial concern, but pretty much always about unconscious patterns that blocked and controlled in the background. I always felt great gratitude to be able to help people see their patterns in order to be able to release their blockages.

For a very long time I followed my head and (unconsciously) other people or external expectations. I have danced in the majority in the row:). I have learned a lot from this conformist way of life, including how far away I was from myself and how hard and strict I was with myself. I am infinitely grateful to my body and some people for mirroring this to me over the last few years.

For my further life I have chosen to follow my heart barefoot, wherever it wants to lead me. For this I accept every shard:). Since this decision unimagined energy and creativity bubbles out of me, which I want to give to others. I am infinitely grateful to finally be able to give what I am and love.




I feel richly blessed with, among other things, a daughter who is my angel and my teacher. She has challenged and taught me to laugh, to cry, to love, to be compassionate, to simply be the person I really am, someone who is simple, dances exuberantly, laughs without restraint and gives his joy and love to others.


Beside my daughter, nature has become my most important teacher and companion. I love to dwell in nature and absorb its power, simplicity and clarity.

I love to write. I love to dance wildly, speak Gibberish (fantasy language) and sing.

I love being and laughing with people, especially with children, teenagers and the young at heart, but I also really enjoy being alone.

What I don't like at all are Fondue and strict guidelines, e.g. when dancing. I "failed" not infrequently in learning certain dance styles, however, it was not a failure, but the wonderful realization that I want to dance as I am: free and exuberant!


Especially out of line!

my approach 

I deliberately have no predefined methods. I approach people openly and work intuitively. In this way, I remain authentic and receptive. And only in this way is it possible for the other person to open up, which is a prerequisite for being effective at all. Only in this way can something valuable emerge.

We try to solve our "problems" by thinking (endlessly) about them, forgetting that our thinking created the problems in the first place and that thinking only repeats the old patterns of thinking that are entrenched in us.Thinking keeps us stuck in the past.

For me it is always about coming into a thought-free state, into the here and now, where everything is. The gateway to the here and now is our body, the feeling. Only there can the blockages and patterns that block the energy and obscure the solutions become conscious.


Let us be surprised what can arise from open and genuine encounters. Genuine encounters are not only clarifying with regard to a certain concern, but also wonderful and strengthening.