Names are partially anonymized on request.

It was impressive how Amet managed to pull the students along and how they broke down inhibitions and became more confident in speaking and laughing. The fantasy language helped the students to access their emotions and to evaluate them in a positive way. Especially with newly formed learning groups or when there is a bad atmosphere in the class, the "KOPFREI Class Intervention" can be a good icebreaker to enable better communication and anxiety-free learning.

- Gabor, 39, secondary school teacher

The coaching session with Amet was indescribable. It was better than 120 therapy hours in terms of effect, half of my life passed in that hour and it was like the individual pieces were put back together and what I experienced made sense. His intuitive way of coaching touched me deeply. In the end I felt relieved and found my peace again. Dear Amet, Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your courage, wisdom and time.

- Sarah, 29, social worker

You have a sense of flow. Have rarely laughed so well. Thanks and keep up the good work!

- Clara, 32 (Online-Laughing)