Strenghen the child



There are 2 essential approaches in my work, in which it is basically always about freeing the (inner) child and letting it live. On the one hand by recognizing, accepting and feeling what is blocking, and on the other hand by directly addressing the (inner) child through the well-known 4 joys of being: dancing, laughing, singing, playing.I combine both approaches because I am deeply convinced and experience with myself and others that the (inner) child is more likely to open up when it is in joy.

I add to these four joys love, which is the ocean into which all these sufferings and joys finally flow. More precisely, the joys of being are expressions of self-love. It takes nothing more than self-love. When you love yourself, you are a gift to yourself and others, as toddlers impressively show us.


For me everything resolves around the child. My heart beats for the children, these angels who remind us of the forgotten unconditional love and groundless joy of life, i.e. of our natural state. But my heart also beats for the "inner child" of the adults, who influence and control not only the adults themselves, but also the children. Among the most influential are parents and teachers. If we adults free our own inner child, we free our own children from it at the same time!


The wounded inner child is the root of suffering, the root of war, violence, stress, recognition-seeking, control, manipulation, self-sacrifice. But the inner child is also the root of causeless joy of life, inner peace, lightness and love. Just imagine how the world would look like if all or many were in this (natural) state of unconditional love and causeless joy of life. An illusion? No! Each of us can free our own inner child and give love and joy. This is my vision. To accompany and experience this process in myself and others fills me with great gratitude.



As babies and young children, we all had the intuitive knowledge that we were lovable and good enough just as we were. We did not question ourselves. We stayed in the here and now and were connected to ourselves. We loved ourselves, our fellow human beings and life unconditionally until we were confronted with many conditions from outside and developed the wrong opinion that we are not good (enough) as we are. We started to adapt and went in search of love, forgetting that love is already within us, that we are love.

We all have a wounded "inner child", more or less pronounced, in one form or another, more or less conscious. Our life is determined by this wounded inner child until we face these mental wounds, accept them and feel them. We want to avoid feeling negative emotions at all costs, have developed quite a few strategies and activities to distract ourselves and suppress them and run away from them. Life gifts us daily with (difficult) situations and countless opportunities to feel our emotional wounds in order to heal them. Negative feelings are not a bad thing, on the contrary! They point out to us that we believe total nonsense about ourselves and are not living who we are. It is not the feeling itself that feels heavy and insurmountable, it is our resistance to it that makes it so hard.

We are not victims of negative feelings. We have the choice to dissolve them and the associated false beliefs about ourselves. Negative feelings are there only so that we can feel them, let them go and thus discover what is behind them. What lies behind is beyond any imagination and beyond thinking. Because behind these negative feelings is what we have always been looking for (on the outside): inner peace, immeasurable groundless joy of life and unconditional love that forgives everything and asks for nothing more except to be given away. And together with this discovery, unimagined energy is released, and our special gifts and our visions of how we want to give this love and joy, professionally as well as privately, also appear.